Download Al Quran (Audio and Tafseer) for Android

Download Al Quran (Audio and Tafseer) for Android

Al Quran is an excellent Islamic app for smartphones.It’s a free Quran application for all Android devices, and very easy to use with 100 Translations of 45 different languages, Transliteration, and Audio (MP3) Recitation of all Surah’s of the full Quran Kareem with all famous Reciters. The application consists of several features that are beautifully designed to ensure a pleasant Quran reading experience and listening.

There are a few default settings blanketed like yusuf ali translation, tafseer al jalalain, and tafseer asbab as nuzul and you can easily add greater with the built in downloader, it’s far absolutely freed from cost quran software that blessings its users to easily understand their translation and tafseer of holy quran very effectively……..


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قران کریم دلته  ښکته کړئ

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